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      Киев - Вена: Беспересадочное сообщение от декабря 2017

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Author Topic: Киев - Вена: Беспересадочное сообщение от декабря 2017  (Read 154050 times)
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« Reply #580 on: 02.10.21 , 02:10 »
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looks like 2 cars Kyiv - Wien become normal practice. I've seen it in reservation system yesterday also the same situation for today and other participant's report on forum mention there were 2 of them at 28 Sep 2021
Зрештою, нас таки пустили до потяга (склад: 2 вагони УЗ, 2 вагони MAV),
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« Reply #581 on: 05.10.21 , 14:10 »
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Tickets are commenced for sale till mid-October. But they been blocked few days ago since 1 Oct and had been unblocked for additional 15 days just in 2 days before 1 Oct.

All looks like CMF didn't managed to repair/make revision of their D1m by 1 Oct as initially planned, so UZ continued operation of their trainset for additional 15 days.

Is it possible to turn 1/2 double loco in Kuchurgan?

And judging by how late  UZ extended the period of operation of UZ trainset - it looks like CMF avoided to acknowledge their DMU will not ready till last moment, but also they didn't confirmed D1m is ready. Such behavior of CMF
And it should have been DMU, and IIRC, 2nd and 1st class seating on that DMU were not much more expensive than 3rd class while doing international.
for this DMU there were agreement regarding discounting multipliers to MGPT-tariff. I hope that old agreement is still valid. If it is - price will be lower even in 1st class, than now by UZ trainset. 2nd and 3rd class even cheater. Yes, the difference in price between classes is smaller than we've used to expect. If my quick calculations are correct - the price of ticket Odessa - Chisinau by CFM's D1m should be ~220 UAH in 3rd class, ~250 UAH in 2nd class, and ~285 UAH in 1st (vs 353 UAH in de-facto 2nd class now) if old discounting multipliers from pre-covid time are still valid.

Is there any aircon in the seating cars used on These Train? (Not that crucial during cold season.)
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