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Author Topic: train -²  (Read 4539 times)

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« on: 15.06.11 , 17:06 »
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Hi, I don't speak Russia so I am not able to find a transport link  - ². Can you write me bus or train link between these cities? I need it on 27.6.2011 from 10:00. How long it goes?
Thank you very much.
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« Reply #1 on: 15.06.11 , 18:06 »
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The first column is the train route, the second - departure time from Uzhgorod, the third - arrival time to Lviv, the fourth - the trip time and the fifth - the train periodicity.

In case of any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact.

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« Reply #2 on: 15.06.11 , 18:06 »
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There are no buses at this time.

Previous bus leaves at 9:45 (and it is untypically slow bus, it takes more than 7 hours from Uzhgorod to Lviv, while other buses are faster
and travel duration is about 5-6 hours, so trying to catch this bus is not a good idea, this bus is not worth efforts for catching it), and
next bus is only at 13:35 (arrival to Lviv main bus station (far from city center) at 18:45).

The similar situation with long distance trains - there are no long-distance train suitable for riding from Uzhgorod to Lviv, because previous
train to Lviv leaves Uzhgorod at 5:20 and next one only at 14:41 (arrival to Lviv at 21:27).

So, you can select, to wait for bus at 13:35 or start earlier by commuterl trains.

I can advice  you to use stop-trains (commuter trains) - it is possible to use them for riding from Uzhgorod to Lviv with only one change at Sianky.
Connection is reliable - the second train would wait if first one will be late to Sianky. And what is more important - it is possible to
start from Uzhgorod close to needed time:

Uzhgorod 10:45 - 13:40 Sianky
Sianky 14:40 - 19:26 Lviv

Of course commuter trains are slower than buses and long-distance trains, but on this route only slightly, and the route is very interesting and scenic -
through Uzhok pass (buses and daytime long-distance trains has another route, through Mukachevo, it is also through mountains, but not so scenic) and cheap as dirt (3,5 times cheaper than bus).

The arrival time to the Lviv city centre will be nearly the same (railway station is closer to city centre than bus station, so either by bus arriving to bus station
at 18:45 or by train arriving at 19:26 to train station - will be in city centre somewhere between 7 and 8 p.m.)
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